Conway Bliss

What do Conway + Bliss bring to the Debbie Bliss brand? The Debbie Bliss brand is already well established and successful but after 12 years even the most successful brands need a new story. Conway + Bliss offer a young, fun element that has previously not been targeted within the industry. They do not want to compete with the existing DB yarns but introduce something different that would encourage new, younger knitters to get to know the brand.

Why them? After assisting Debbie Bliss during her gap year Teresa attended Nottingham Trent University and graduated with a degree in Fashion Knitwear Design. She has worked for Debbie Bliss for 3 years and therefore has a unique insight into the Debbie Bliss brand and the craft industry as a whole. Nell has literally grown up within the industry. As a child she assisted Debbie in her shop as well as helping out on photo shoots and shop visits throughout her teens. At age 19, Nell worked as an intern at Vogue Knitting in New York and was able to develop relationships with various people within the industry. Conway & Bliss have traveled extensively with Debbie to US trade shows, Vogue Knitting Live and Pitti Filatti in Florence. Due to their presence at these shows and their regular appearances on Debbie Bliss social media they are now strongly identified with Debbie Bliss as the ‘faces’ of the brand. Teresa and Nell both work full time with Debbie in her studio so already have a good working relationship with Designer Yarns, Knitting Fever and various DB retailers. They established themselves as the Design Team Conway and Bliss a few years ago with patterns featured on the Debbie Bliss and Love Knitting websites and also in Vogue Knitting and Debbie Bliss Magazine. They also brought out a range of single leaf patterns for Spring Summer 2015. Who are they appealing to? They are appealing to knitters who have not been addressed before and want to inject young fashion back in to knitting. They are not targeting the "knitfomaniacs" but the young, stylish knitter who wants great projects that can be knitted up quickly and some that offer more of a challenge. Teamed with fashion led yarns such as Elektra which can be used for small garments as well as fun accessories. Although young, their demographic want good quality and beautiful yarns to accompany stylish patterns that wont break the bank. Conway and Bliss aims to target a younger market with a different aesthetic, without compromising the integrity that is synonymous with the Debbie Bliss name.