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Hayfield Spirit DK Crochet blanket

11th July 2018

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Our quilting expert, Ann Hannaby, is also a fabulous crocheter and recently she has had more crochet projects on the go than quilting! She has used Hayfield Spirit DK to crochet two different blankets but we think her most recent one could be our favourite. I'm not sure if it because of the bright, sweetie colours, the simplicity of the design or the way all the colours merge together but we just LOVE it! Please see below all the info you need to make your own, fabulous blanket! 

Hayfield Spirit DK - 3 balls
Size 4mm Crochet Hook 

Crochet design is a basic, granny square. Each square has 10 rounds. You should get 6 squares from each ball. 
Crochet them together to join.
Border - 1 round of double crochet, then 3 rounds of treble crochet. 

Happy Crocheting!! 

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