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The Triathlon Knitter

7th September 2018

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Having recently joined the creative team at Karelia house I have had the opportunity to take up something new.

Shirley Shearer aka Mum has always been someone who has sewn and knitted for me so there was never a need to learn and even less of an interest when most of your life has evolved around being a busy mum of two wee boys, a sports therapist and competing in triathlons (I may add this has not stopped, just adapted).

So looking at all this amazing yarn in Karelia, I wanted to be able to make something. I think most of us were taught the basic garter stitch at school and that was the grand total of my efforts.

I wandered round Karelia and found a book by Baa Ram Ewe “learn to knit at home” and saw a poncho - involving two large rectangles sewn together. Perfect I’ve found my first project. So Saturday there, I sat down with a ball of wool and knitting needles to practice, popped on you tube and taught myself to cast on, knitted a few rows and then taught myself to cast off. “Genius” I thought to myself, let’s you tube “purl” hmm not such a great success - working progress! I knew I was going to have to know how to attach another yarn. Bring on you tube - Bingo! Another self taught technique. I am good to go.

So here starts the journey of a beginner knitter in fantastic yarn heaven of Karelia house.

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