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Quick and easy garment - made for you!

30th September 2019

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Sewing was not a huge passion of mine until I started to become more involved with Karelia House.  I couldn't even thread a sewing machine (I might add my then 7 year old could and with great ease).  I was looking at patterns thinking wow I would love to make that!

So one day I thought - right, a dress it is! I had got some fabric from one of the crafting shows and I was set.  This panned out to be a greater job than I thought and it was becoming a real chore.  After all the time spent on it, it was one of the most unflattering items I have ever put on.  Anyway, not to be deterred Tracy our amazingly patient sewing instructor showed me a pattern that might bring back my enthusiasm for actually finishing a garment a little quicker and was easy to do and fitted.


This brilliant little pattern by Megan Nielson called "Axel"



So far I have made three, with each skirt taking between 2 and 3 hours.  The pattern offers three versions.  I cut out one of the versions and adapted it to suit me.

Karelia House stocks an amazing array of stretchy and jersey material, ideal for this sort of pattern and incredibly comfy to wear.


With this being sewing week at Karelia House, come along and speak to the team today to get you started on your new additions to your wardrobe.


Look forward to seeing you at Karelia House soon







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