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We make our yarns with emphasis on hand made quality. We believe that handmade items should be made with a sincere heart and are more beautiful when handmade quality materials are used. For that purpose the first important step is the selection of materials. We take the specially selected materials from all over the world in our hands, and check the texture with our eyes closed in order to know them as much as possible. The second important step is to blend the materials. We have to know the special characteristics of each material and its ultimate use to then understand how to blend them. For example we make yarn soft, lustrous or light using technology to blend the materials in good balance. After blending the materials the next step is coloring (dyeing). It is hard to reproduce what we think of in creating the wonderful colors in our collection. We try to remember the ideas that come to us in our daily life and express them soon, while still fresh on our minds. Although it is difficult to reproduce our thoughts into color we are happy with the results. Next we spin the blended and colored materials being careful that they not loose their natural textures. Nowadays, almost all spinning process is done by machine, but at NORO Yarn, machines are used only when the process cannot be done by hand. First of all, we spin wool by hand and then knit them by hand and check its knitted texture. Our firm is supported by technology and an abundant work force in the fiber producing center of Aichi. For more than thirty years we have been only using natural fibers seeking 'color' with the feeling of the vitality of nature. We try to produce our yarns by hand as much as possible. We have been proudly making 'one-of-a kind, unique, enjoyable and beautiful yarns' for our customers. We hope that the yarns we produce with our sincere hearts will amaze and impress people who love hand knitting and crochet not only in Japan, but all over the world. We will continue to produce our yarns with our attitude of love and great care.


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