How to use a twin needle

This month we are looking at twin needles – a fantastic little tool for that professional finish.

Twin needles can be used to create parallel and decorative stitches. They are most often used on the hems of knit and jersey fabrics to create a professional finish.

Shop bought knit garment hems have parallel lines of stitching, these are created on a coverstitch machine but you can achieve a similar result with a twin needle.

Using a twin needle also helps to prevent the stitches from breaking because the zig zag stitches created on the wrong side of the fabric add strength. This is important with fabrics that stretches during wear.

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Knitting Together

“By  Katherine Lymer”

It started as common desire to knit the same garment: “Amelia”, in Rowan’s Chunky Knits from quail studio – do you know it?  It’s an off the shoulder jumper, knitted in Rowan’s ultra-soft, Brushed Fleece. Sam first showed it to me, way back in October 2019, when we were working together at the Creative Craft Show in Glasgow. 

As a departure from the type of jumper that I’d usually knit, it was very appealing – although I was a little concerned about its practical uses (I feel the cold and didn’t often have the occasion to wear such a stylish top – even less so now!). Needless to say, any such hesitations were dismissed and especially after further chat with Sam.  And so, in the Autumn of last year –and through the power of Zoom – we started knitting together. […]

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